This page details all the information about the work going on to create our net zero roadmap. We’ve partnered with 19 institutions to carry out proof-of-concept studies and workshops as well as funding case studies undertaken by our Consortium. These avenues of research will combine with our literature review and stakeholder engagement to produce a successful final report.


Core Project Team Outputs

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Project Reports - key reports and documents from the core project team

Sandpit Projects

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ARINZRIT: Learning from the Big Picture: Applying Responsible Innovation to the Net Zero Research Infrastructure Transformation ENERGETIC: ENergy-aware hEteRoGenEous compuTIng at sCale GO ZERO: Giving Voice to, and Empowering Stakeholders of UKRI DRI: A Net Zero Workshop Series
HPC JEEP: HPC job efficiency and energy usage: monitoring and reporting IRISCAST: IRIS Carbon Audit SnapshoT VALUE: ‘Value’ and Net Zero Decision Making
CQUANDRI: Quantifying the Carbon Emissions of Digital Research Infrastructure


Consortium Projects

JASMIN (SUPERCOMPUTER) - An in depth case study SCAFELL PIKE (SUPERCOMPUTER)- An in depth case study JADE (AI Focus) - An in depth case study
Archer 2 Mapping the DRI Roadmap Development
Sustainable Computing User Behaviour Survey Artist Commission