Energetic = ENergy-aware hEteRoGenEous compuTIng at sCale

What’s the scope of the work?

Current, leading-edge high performancecomputing (HPC) systems are often heterogeneous, comprised of combinations of multiple compute units and accelerators, including (but not limited to) CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs. HPC is a significant contributor to energy usage. However, the energy-to-solution varies between these architectures. In terms of minimising energy consumption, this choice of possible architectures presents various challenges to HPC managers and users.

This project aims to test whether the use of heterogeneous architecture could significantly reduce the energy-to-solution and thus the energy consumed by UKRI digital research infrastructures. A workshop and other community engagements are planned involving key stakeholders to aid understanding the current state and enable dissemination of project findings of reducing energy consumption.


More information on the Energetic webpage:

Michael Bane - Manchester Metropolitan University
Deepayan Bhowmik - Newcastle University
Oliver Brown - EPCC/University of Edinburgh
Jamie Quinn - University College London

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6787467