UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is committed to becoming net zero by 2040. Across our nine organisations, there are an extensive range of computers and peripherals - known as digital research infrastructure (DRI).

To support this goal, given the need and value of DRI, a scoping project funded by UKRI has been awarded £1.8 million to investigate how UKRI can achieve net zero computing.

The scope of the project will cover all the UKRI-owned and majority-funded digital research infrastructure.

It will produce a clear roadmap for how UKRI can take action to reduce the carbon emissions from data generation, analysis, storage and dissemination from DRI. Led by the project team at the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, the project will study how the entire UKRI DRI estate can deliver carbon neutral computing by 2040 or earlier.

Image of a sunset over a wind farm with a quote from our Net Zero Interim Report: "The potential influence of UKRI science on national and global attitudes to sustainability is immense."


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