We are pleased to announce a new funding opportunity from the UKRI Net Zero Digital Research Infrastructure Scoping Project.

£25,000 of funding is available for an art commission piece that will be used to inspire collective action towards sustainable digital research infrastructure.

Deadline for proposals: 7th October! Apply here.

Sustainable digital research infrastructure

From supercomputers to staff laptops, we are working towards making all the digital tools and practices used for UK research carbon neutral. We expect the environmental impact of this ‘digital research infrastructure’ to be significant and complex.

To meet the ambitious sustainability target - of reaching net zero digital research infrastructure by 2040 - a broad transformation will be required. We need to understand what digital research infrastructure exists and how it is being used, and its future.

Our roadmap towards carbon neutral digital research infrastructure will involve UK researchers from across disciplines and take an integrated and coordinated approach.

We see great potential and value in a role for the arts within this transformation, as a way to engage people, inspire conversations and collective action, and bring different perspectives together.

Commissioning art for collective action

This commission will design and make an artwork (in whatever form), which will be launched at an online event in May 2023 and in a gallery to be announced.

The purpose of the online event is to communicate our project’s final recommendations - about how to achieve net zero for digital research infrastructure - and encourage engagement with the roadmap across the UKRI community.

The event will include people from a range of backgrounds, roles and responsibilities. People’s knowledge about the digital research infrastructure net zero roadmap is likely to be very varied - some people will have actually been doing the work, others may only have just heard about it.

We envisage the artwork design and making process will stimulate conversations across the research community. The artwork will be a talking point at the event in May, and beyond. We hope the artwork encourages people to look at the challenge from a fresh perspective, and inspire collective action.

How to apply?

Take a look at the briefing document, which includes full details about the opportunity, budget, timescales and how to apply.

Further information

If you have any questions about the brief, or need to discuss the format of your proposal, please contact either: