In order to ensure efficient and effective delivery of a Net Zero DRI we need to look beyond the constraints of current procurement procedures and consider how, over the next two decades, the system can be improved. Project leaders may feel constrained to run along the tramlines of current practices: we want to discuss how the tram system can be re-designed.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understanding best practice: are there practical steps which have proved effective in some institutions and can be exploited elsewhere?
  • Understanding aspirations: the net zero target is agreed, but are we all talking about the same net zero?
  • Describing Barriers: are there obstacles outside your control that constrain your aspirations, and could someone in UKRI do something about it?
  • Understanding how we can work with others (e.g. other funding agencies, commercial digital infrastructure providers) to accelerate our journey to net zero?
  • Understanding and managing the rebound effect in the context of sustainability.

This workshop was for invited attendees only. A workshop report will be published soon.