The Joint Academic Data Science Endeavour (JADE) is an EPSRC funded Tier 2 facility supporting world-leading research in machine learning. JADE2, the latest incarnation of the facility, supports use of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for scientific research []. We will conduct a set of interviews with the managers of the JADE2 facility (STFC Digital Infrastructure). These will explore the structure, purpose, practices and use of the facility. Questions will probe into the various aspects related to energy efficiency and usage. We will explore how change can be helped and hindered, user behaviour, future trends and the properties of JADE2 that are unique and are in common with other facilities.

The main output will be a written report which syntheses the key findings from the interviews. This will feed into a general report about all 4 of the in-depth case studies.

The interviews will take place in September and October 2022, with the report being generated by late October 2022.

Institutions involved: Scientific Computing Department within the Science and Technology Facilities Council (SCD STFC)