This page links to our project outputs, such as our Interim and Final Reports.

INTERIM REPORT - August 2022

Read the interim report in full here! Click here, or on the image, to read the report.

Interim Report is now published!

The Interim Report is an extensive document but is split into manageable sections:

Executive Summary – this summarises the projects recommendations (based on the findings in the rest of the report)

Synthesis – this section provides a synthesis of the key areas covered in the literature review, with links to more detailed discussion of individual papers in subsequent chapters.

Introduction – outlines the context and aims of the report/project

Background - this section frames the wider problem and provides context (based on literature)

Key findings – this expands on the details discussed in earlier chapters

The project will produce two more reports:

  • A 2nd interim report (due in early 2023) - this will provide initial recommendations based on the evidence collected by the project partners (such as the proof-of-concept studies)
  • Final report (due in June 2023) - this will summarise all the evidence gathering activities undertaken by the project and provide final recommendations