A detailed analysis of ARCHER2 including its overall energy use, the type of electricity used and how this will impact on the carbon footprint of ARCHER2 over service lifetime, will be conducted. There will also be investigations into the embedded energy, e.g. from PAIA or empirical analysis based on area of printed circuits).

The team will contribute to the design of a questionnaire which will be used to gather information from other facility and service hosts (Tier 1, 2 and 3). We will also look at how ARCHER2 relates to research outputs and the methods used to optimise processes which impact on the energy footprint of users.

Furthermore, the team may contribute to data gathering, by talking to service managers to fill in the questionnaire - this will provide input for the mapping activity. This analysis will also research plans for the future to improve the energy efficiency of this facility.


Institutions involved: Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre at Edinburgh University