This work will develop plans for a database that will enable mapping of the entire UKRI DRI estate. The team will look into using the code base of the UKRI Infraportal, potentially extending the level of detail to support aggregation of some key capabilities (e.g. FLOP rating, transistor count, power consumption). They will also look for compatibility with the TOP 500 and Green 500 lists.

The task of gathering a definitive list of all UKRI DRI facilities is beyond the means of our Scoping Project. Instead, we aim to gather a representative sample of the DRI which can be used as a baseline for future work in this area.

Having considered a number of approaches, we have gathered a spreadsheet of all the “E-Infrastructure and Data” contacts within the UKRI InfraPortal. We will engage with these contacts in order to gather a first list of DRI facilities/services and their managers. That list will be the core audience for the survey. Additionally, we will exploit contacts across the research councils to augment the list as much as is feasible within the timeframe of the work.

Institutions involved: Scientific Computing Department within the Science and Technology Facilities Council (SCD STFC)