IRISCAST = IRIS Carbon Audit SnapshoT

What’s the scope of this work?

Making good decisions around infrastructure procurement and provision requires understanding, as much as possible, the full carbon costs for operating, maintaining, and using the infrastructure; going beyond accounting for electricity and cooling, and including the full chain of costs embodied in the infrastructure. Enabling good decision making therefore requires a source of accurate real-world data on infrastructure climate impacts.

This project will perform an audit of carbon costs across a multi-site heterogeneous infrastructure (called IRIS) by collecting and analysing snapshots of actual usage. It will identify where the carbon cost sits across the infrastructure. It will also find out what the drivers are that influence carbon cost. The evidence collected will be used to allow for consistent reporting, evaluation and decision-making.


Jonathan Hays, Queen Mary University of London
Nicholas Walton, University of Cambridge
Adrian Jackson, University of Edinburgh

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6787626